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Enlistment Application

Post by D3FUZED » Fri May 17, 2019 3:05 pm

Name: Oliver Szeles

Age: 16 (Soon to be 17)

Desired MOS: 11B Infantry

Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/UC_D3FUZED

Do you own a legitimate copy of Arma 3?:
[Yes/No] Yes

How long have you been playing Arma 3?: I played it for a year and then took a year break and I just brought it again today.

How many hours in Arma 3 do you have?: My other account got hacked and I sadly lost it, but if |I had to guess I would say around 600 hours.

Are you currently in another Arma 3 Modern Realism Unit?:
[Yes/No] No

Are you able to attend 2-4 hours every other Saturday (2 Saturdays a month, no holidays)?:
[Yes/No] Yes

Are you currently, or have ever been, in the military?: No

Do you have any military background, if so, feel free to share: No

Why do you want to join the 327th IR?: I would love to get back into playing Arma 3 and attending big MILSIM operations. I always loved games where the focus is on simulating real-life thats why I have around 3000 hours on FSX and P3D combined. I feel like I could be a vital part of the community as I have a background in Arma 3 and Airsoft aswell. My communication skills are very good since I lived abroad for 7 years and I was forced to learn a new language to communicate.

Any previous Arma 3 units/groups, if so, please list them: Yes, UC Realism Unit

How did you find the 327th IR?: I was searching around on Steam for Arma 3 communities and I came across a post about you guys.

If a member referred you, please list their name: N/A

Are you a previous member?:
[Yes/No] No

Have you read and understood the requirements for the unit set out by the Unit Policy Manual, including but not limited to:
Minimum Age Requirement of 16
You must have a legal working copy of Arma 3
You must have a working microphone with speakers or a headset
You must have a working Teamspeak 3
[Yes/No] Yes

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Re: Enlistment Application

Post by Chace » Sat May 18, 2019 7:11 pm


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