Camilo2hip's Application (Hi Dantrag <3)

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Camilo2hip's Application (Hi Dantrag <3)

Post by camilo2hip » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:28 am

Name: Camilo Alvarez

Age: 18

Desired MOS:
68W Combat Medic or Aviation Pilot


Steam Account Link:

Do you own a legitimate copy of Arma 3?: yes

How long have you been playing Arma 3?: 5 - 6 years

How many hours in Arma 3 do you have?: 960 hours

Are you currently in another Arma 3 Modern Realism Unit?: no

Are you able to attend 2-4 hours every other Saturday (2 Saturdays a month, no holidays)?: sometimes, Dan knows i'm in college and work so I will not always be there, only on open days

Are you currently, or have ever been, in the military?: no

Do you have any military background, if so, feel free to share: N/A

Why do you want to join the 327th IR?: My boys Dantrag, Erik, and FxHockey are here baby gotta keep the tank family alive and thriving

Any previous Arma 3 units/groups, if so, please list them: Hell yeah 18th Ranger Regiment (Arma 2, Disbanded), 18th Airborne Rangers (Arma 3, Disbanded), and of course my pride and joy 509th Para. infantry Regiment (Arma 3)

How did you find the 327th IR?: The love of my Life Dantrag <3

If a member referred you, please list their name: The love of my Life Dantrag <3

Are you a previous member?: Depends what you mean by previous memeber, sure

Have you read and understood the requirements for the unit set out by the Unit Policy Manual, including but not limited to: Yeh
Minimum Age Requirement of 16
You must have a legal working copy of Arma 3
You must have a working microphone with speakers or a headset
You must have a working Teamspeak 3

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Re: Camilo2hip's Application (Hi Dantrag <3)

Post by Narain » Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:29 am

Hello Private. Camilo Alvarez

Welcome to the 327th Infantry Regiment. We strive to simulate the operation of a Army air assault unit by using real world Army organization and tactics. With that said, we are not a strict by the book gaming unit. Our primary goal is for our members to have fun in the unit so long as they adhere to our SOPs. As long as you are participating as a team member and being respectful of everyone, you are more than welcome.

There are a few administrative things we need to do to get you set up in our unit. In the day of taking your basic combat training or in the following days, you will be set up to have more forums visible than you did as a guest. Make sure you check the forums and discord regularly as it is our most common means of relaying information to the members.

327th Teamspeak Info - Address:
When you connect to Teamspeak your user information needs to be as follows:
Teamspeak User Name: PV1. Camilo
Your in-game profile name needs to be: PV1. Camilo

You will also be required to join our discord if you have not already.
327th Discord Info -
When you connect to Discord your user information needs to be as follows:
Discord Username: PV1. Camilo

Make sure that there is no space after your in-game name. You have been assigned to a Recruiter in order to help you get through the process of getting into the unit. This Recruiter will assist you in setting up your mods, getting you into a BCT Class, getting you into an AIT class, and finally help you get assigned to a team. Throughout the process your Recruiter will be able to answer any and all questions you have.

Your Recruiter will be SSG. Narain, Make sure to send them a PM as soon as possible letting them know you've been assigned to them. If for any reason you haven't responded within 48 hours they will approach you. Fair warning, however, if you haven't responded to that PM within 48 hours, you will have to reapply to the unit.

Welcome Aboard,
SSG. Narain
Recruiting Detachment Chief
SSG Narain
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Baker Company, 1st Battalion


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Re: Camilo2hip's Application (Hi Dantrag <3)

Post by Chace » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:06 am

PV1. Camilo,

Upon joining the discord please message 2LT. Chace, with your awards and decorations from the 509th, any training qualifications from the 509th, and your date of enlistment in the 509th.

2LT. Chace
S1 Personnel Officer.
1LT Chace
Executive Officer | S-1 Personnel Officer | S-2 Officer | S-2 Opposing Force Officer | S-4 Tech Clerk
Baker Company, 1st Battalion


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